Citizen Survey

Establishing and maintaining a relationship of trust, transparency and confidence between employees of Springfield Police Department and the community they serve is essential in fulfilling our policing role.

It is imperative that our community and constituents trust us.

We are conducting this survey to continually find ways of improvement of police services for our community.

This survey is not to take the place of filing a complaint about a Springfield Police Department employee, which can be done through another process which is located on our web site.

We are looking for constructive criticism, it is just as important to hear the positive service we provide as areas we need improvement on.

Accountability is paramount in this profession. We are confident in our employee’s ability, skill, and dedication.

We are also vigilant to provide professional and timely service throughout the year, day or night to our community.

Please help us recognize the outstanding work performed by the staff of the Springfield Police Department by filling out the survey below.

Thank you for taking the time to conduct this survey