The Springfield Dispatch Center, located at the front entry to the PD, answers all incoming phone lines for a total of 6 lines plus one additional line dedicated to Fire & EMS calls.

Dispatchers by way of their location also handle all walk-in traffic be they complaints, requests for directions, or persons arriving for civil fingerprint services.

The Communications Center is currently made up of 5 Full-time Dispatchers and 1 Part-Time Dispatcher.

Administrative Assistant Richard Stillings has retained his Dispatch qualifications and assists on a part-time basis as well.

Normally we work only one Dispatcher per shift.

Due to heavy call volumes at specific times of the day, we have instituted a 5th Dispatcher position to help during these documented heavier times and to help alleviate excessive OT due to illness or vacation.

Dispatchers at the Springfield Police Department also have a multitude of collateral duties for which we are responsible to perform.

From the complexities of being the computer tech for the entire department, to tasks as simple as filing paperwork. Each Dispatcher is responsible for approximately 10 collateral duties each, which includes being back-up to one another’s duties during their absence.

Court case preparation is performed by all Dispatchers.

Dispatch Staff

Dispatcher Mark Morris

Dispatcher Wendy Taft

Dispatcher Lisa Baker

Dispatcher Donna Craigue

Dispatcher Alicia DiPietro

PT Dispatcher Richard Stillings

Mission Statement

It is the duty of the Springfield Police Department

Emergency Communications Center to provide the

citizens of Springfield and neighboring towns with a

vital link to Emergency Services.

We will collect information that is needed to

provide service and assistance in the

most efficient and safe manner and

often under stressful situations.

We strive to improve our ability,

provide accountability and grow as necessary

to ensure professional service

to our community and beyond.