If the PD is in possession of personal property that belongs to you, you must call:

Mon. thru Fri. between 8 am to 4 pm
to make an appointment to retrieve it.

In the event the item is a firearm, extra delays may be incurred as background checks must be completed to ensure that return of the item would not be in violation of any Brady Laws.

Should an item of property such as a wallet or credit card be turned in to the PD, we will attempt to contact you immediately and expedite it’s return.

In the event we can not make contact with you it will be secured in property storage and will fall under the above guidelines for return.


All please take notice that it is the policy of the Springfield Police Department that we WILL NOT maintain or keep found property, prisoner property or property associated with an adjudicated criminal case beyond 30 days. The Springfield Police Department will exhaust all reasonable efforts to contact the owners of the respective property however the ultimate liability to acquire this property within the set time frame rest with the owner.

The Springfield Police Department will not be liable for any property that is not picked up prior to the 30 day time frame.

Any items taken by the Springfield Police Department will not be released if used in the commission of a crime unless otherwise instructed by the court.

Should anyone have property housed at the Springfield Police Department that is unable to be picked up by them for any reason and wishes someone else designated by them to acquire this property for them, WILL need to complete the SPRINGFIELD POLICE DEPARTMENT RELEASE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY CONSENT FORM prior to the 30 day destruction time frame.

Chief Douglas S. Johnston

If you are unable to retrieve property in holding by the PD and must send a representative, they MUST provide a completed copy of the following form: